Wednesday, 30 April 2008

China Brezner Photo Gallery, pictures

banner Here's China Brezner picture that we have been looking for ages. China Brezner photo gallery, images, pictures, photos, pics:
China Brezner
(Image: China Brezner latest foto)

China BreznerChina Brezner Picture

China BreznerChina Brezner photo

China BreznerChina Brezner pic

China BreznerShia Labeouf & China Brezner

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American Idol top 5 pictures

banner Below are American idol season 7 tope 5 pictures. Who will be our next American Idol? It's your choice !

American idol Brooke White singing photo :

American idol David Cook stage performance image:

American idol Syesha Mercado acting wild photo:

American idol David Archuleta photo :

American idol Jason Castro picture:

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears sexy picture

banner One of the few pictures found over the internet - Jamie Lynn Spears photo just before she was pregnant. Most of the guys want Spears to remain single, but looks like poor she is learning to be a better mother now!

Shannon Elizabeth "Dancing with the Stars”

banner Latest news about Shannon Elizabeth : Shannon Elizabeth has sore feet :
Shannon Elizabeth was at N9NE Steakhouse with two friends and her “Dancing with the Stars” partner Derek Hough last night. She got to the restaurant early and hung out at the bar barefoot until her friends arrived. Maybe all that dancing is taking its toll. She did put her heals back on before walking over to her table for dinner though. Either way, she’s burning the calories well enough to enjoy all of Executive Chef Barry’s side dishes – Green Beans, Mac-n-Cheese, Creamed Corn, Gnocchi, and Mushrooms – and the restaurant’s signature $69 Ultimate Margarita. Derek wasn’t drinking but he did have the Onion Soup and the Lamb Chops with Lobster Tail.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Johanna Nakano leaked video clip

banner Below is the leaked explicit video of Miss Chiclayo Johanna Nakano aka Johana Nakano or Joana Nakano. Johanna is 19 years old who is recently crowned Miss Chiclayo in Peru.


Saturday, 5 April 2008

Lindsay Lohan Lesbian Affair With DJ Samantha Ronson

(Pic - Lindsay Lohan & DJ Samantha Ronson photo)
A report from the weekly entertainment magazine notes that Lindsay Lohan has sparked headlines about her sexuality with rumors that she’s dating DJ Samantha Ronson, but a friend tells In Touch that she’s not gay.

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Britney Spear and her father still close friends ?

Pic - Britney Spears & Father - Tiger Cap photo
Check out the caps spotted on both Britney and Jamie's domes yesterday. The Tigers may not be playing in this weekend's Final Four - but at least they know they're on Britney and Jamie's minds!

Pic - Britney Spears driving wearing Tiger Cap photo (source)

Britney Spears Shows Off Yellow Bra

(Pic - Britney Spears shaved head in 2007)

Toxic star Britney Spears has been going public again this week with a series of appearances - including one revealing a luminous yellow bra.

Britney showed off her less than substantial underwear choice under a tight white polo top as she dined with friends at LA restaurant Dominicks.
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